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Garden Favorite Seeds
Garden Favorite Seeds

Garden Favorite Seeds

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Tri-Color Bean Blend:  A garden is a city of sacred architecture, where symmetry and asymmetry grow side by side. Here, a trio of bush beans spiral together inside a quatrefoil form. Literally translated as "4-leaved," this shape is believed to have traveled the Silk Road, just like many seeds. Add these beans, with their 3 colors and their 3 lobed leaves, to the architectural diversity of your garden; and let the pack, with its 4-petaled shape, grace your wall, fridge, or garden shed as art.


Contains Provider Push Green Bean, Royalty Purple Pod Bean and Yellow Wax Bean. All 3 are high-yielding snap bush varieties that produce beans at the same time, making a tri-color bean harvest a breeze! 

Piracicaba Broccoli: In the steamy inlands of Brazil lies the tropical city of Piracicaba. Though not far from the urban sprawl of São Paulo, Piracicaba is surrounded by tropical farmlands. It is here that this amazing, heat-tolerant broccoli was born. While most broccolis wither in the mid-summer heat, Piracicaba thrives, sending forth shoot after shoot of sweet, large-beaded florets. Cut after cut, it just keeps on yielding. We produce this seed on our farm in New York—far from Brazil, but a happy home for this delectable crop.

Piracicaba does not win prizes for the size of its main stalk, which is on the compact size. But it certainly takes the cake for its productivity and flavor of its florets, which it yields in great abundance all season long. Its habit is looser than regular broccoli, so much so that many people mistakenly identify it as raab or broccolini. It's sweeter than both, and freshly cut florets steam more quickly than the regular varieties, so be careful not to overcook.

Dark Star Zucchini: What are Dark Stars made of? In this case, Ravens, Black Eels, and Black Beauty. Farmers Bill Reynolds and Donna Ferguson were on the search for open-habit, drought tolerance, and good flavor in their zucchinis. Their search turned into a participatory breeding project with Organic Seed Alliance. By crossing the hybrid Raven with the old-standard Black Beauty zucchinis, they created Black Eel. Years of further improvement led to Dark Star, an exceptional variety that is ready to go supernova!

Dark Star Zucchini was bred for uniformity, drought resistance, and yield. We love the open bush habit of the plants, making fruit easy to spot at the perfect harvest stage. Its slender, dark green look; subtly sweet, tender taste; and prolific nature make it irresistible in nearly every summer meal.